1. How will my business benefit from the Virtual Tour?

Virtual Tour enhances your web presence and allows potential customers to literally visit your business 24-hrs a day 7 days a week at no cost. A business with virtual tour on Google Maps gains more views and traffic as online visitors easier discover and learn about your facility through immersive content in junction with Google Maps – Street View. 

2. What price package do i need?

The choice of the package depends on the size of your business and complexity of the interior which determines the number of panoramic shots required. Regardless of the size of your space you can choose only the areas to be included in the tour and select suitable price option. 

3. How long does the process take?

The photo shoot takes 1-2 hours to complete, and about 10 days to appear live on Google, in some cases where business needs google maps verification or address correction it may take a bit longer.

4. Are people included in the tour?

Generally we recommended the space to be empty during the photo shoot unless the desired effect is to include the business personnel or customers in the tour in which case all the faces will be blurred out 🙁

5. What can I do with the tour?

Once the tour is published your business will benefit from inclusion on Google Maps and Google Search, additionally you can embed the tour on your company’s website or include it via link in emails , the imagery is hosted free of charge by Google yet the business owner holds the right to all images.

6. How do I order the service?

Feel free to reach out to us via Contact form, Email or call us directly at (562) 206 5353 we will schedule a photo shoot and go over any additional questions you may have.