Nikon KeyMission 360 – Nikon Bends the 360 Market Curve

NIKON KeyMission is here!

360 oriented photographers represent a relatively small “category” in the imaging world and those who are long enough in the field usually stick to more or less their own recipe of producing High Quality 360 spherical images, whether for the Google Street View Program, Real Estate or simply for 360 art sake of things. While the static 360 content is no longer a stranger to the masses the 360 motion picture strives for refinement and continues to be a fairly challenging beast for many reasons.

When we attempt to produce 360 Video seems that we can’t escape the GoPro array system and Kolor Editing Platform to offer decent quality 360 VR content, and while the cost of the GoPro’s 360 setups, processing hardware and software is not an issue for many 360 video producers the portability, ease of use, accessibility and the functionality of such systems is still lacking the style refinement operational speed and portability.

Among many products such as Ricoh Theta, Samsung Gear VR respectable brands attempting to take a bite of the 360 momentum, NIKON clearly recognizes the significance of the VR 360 domain by offering finally long awaited first answers to the 360 questions.

As a “360 professional” relying on my trusty setup consisting of Nikon D7000/8mm Sigma combination responsible for all of my commercial photography for Google I personally cant wait to test the newest NIKON KeyMission 360 in the practical world and hopefully write a hands on review, excited, yet cautious I want to believe that this is first product that has the potential to “bend the 360 market curve”.

Tom Sky


360° Videos and Virtual Reality


New technology is giving journalists dramatically new ways to tell stories. One of the most striking is virtual reality and 360 video. It immerses viewers in the middle of the action, breaking physical and economic barriers by enabling them to travel into different environments and explore new realities.

The AP is excited to tell stories in this new format. In a new collaboration, AP will leverage AMD technology to render several future VR environments for news and documentaries. This new channel, powered by AMD Radeon graphics processors, will feature AP’s latest VR and 360 journalism. AP editors will retain complete control over the editorial content presented via the new AP virtual reality channel.

Seeking Home



This 360-degree, virtual reality video documents the camp in northern France where migrants and refugees hope to make it across the English Channel to start a new life in the United Kingdom.

Known to residents as the “Jungle,” migrants have turned the rugged landscape into a makeshift town with churches, mosques, restaurants, and even a beauty salon. With winter approaching, local authorities struggle to cope with the influx as the camp grows more permanent with each day.

This project is the first in a series of virtual reality stories the Associated Press is producing in collaboration with RYOT News.